Start saving electricity with real-time monitoring!

There are number of theories about how occupants decide to use their homes. Over the past 25 years, research has shown that providing feedback on energy use can help reduce energy consumption. Darby reports that savings of 5–15% have been demonstrated for direct feedback with real-time monitoring (Source: The Effectiveness of Feedback on Energy Consumption, Darby S. 2006).



You cannot manage what you cannot measure: Real-time energy monitoring is an energy efficiency technique to provide live feedback of electricity consumption. Throughout the numerous monitored projects implemented since the 1980s, a certain number of benefits have proved to be recurrent:

  • 1.6 points for the Israeli Green Building Standard
  • 15% Energy saving
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Help obtain financing for energy efficiency project
  • Forecast budgeting of energy expenses
  • Helps diagnose energy waste in any process.

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