Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

The cost of going green is often raised as an issue, what’s the ROI for green design? Careful green project planning and team coordination, a process known as “Integrated Design”, helps ensure that the sustainable components are integrated into the project as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Recent studies show that an “integrated” approach can result in little (<5%) to no cost when compared to similar projects that were built conventionally with no green building standards.

Moreover, efficient HVAC equipment, additional insulation, water efficient fixtures, lighting etc. may cost more upfront, but in the long run the operating costs will be significantly reduced through the cycle of construction by way of lower annual energy bills for heating, cooling, lighting, water and maintenance cost.

By blending the right mix of eco-friendly technologies that cost less with eco-friendly technologies that cost the same or slightly more, it is possible to design a sustainable project that costs the same as a conventional one during construction, with lower bill costs for the occupants.

At LE Studio, we work together with your architects and mass surveyors to assess the cost/energy efficiency of different building envelopes to save on unnecessary construction costs. We compare the cost-benefit of: external shading, types and thickness of different insulations and various glazing dimensions and types.